October is Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Awareness Month

We celebrate our children and their impact on our lives through many personal customs. Some families have grave sites and headstones; some families have bricks purchased through Compassionate Friends, Inc., and placed in the Rose Park Memorial Sculpture Garden; other families create their own special places to honor their children at their homes. Regardless of how a family chooses to remember their babies, every personal option is important and meaningful.

Memorial brick with birthday balloon and flowers

Brooklyn’s brick – Traci Reichenbach, 2015

Headstone decorated with toys

Ramsey – Kori Keller, 2015

Memorial bench in centemetary

RAINBOW Bench – Molly Mills, 2015

Memorial Pin and ribbon with card

Kendall’s pin by Megan Cole – Molly Mills, 2015

Memorial walkway bricks

Forrest and Annie’s bricks, for Molly Mills – Traci Reichenbach, 2014

Memorial Garden with flowers and figurines

Carter’s Garden – Ashley Powell, 2015

Memorial brick with blue flower and blue butterfly magnet

Benjamin’s brick – Lindsey Erickson, 2015

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