About RAINBOW Bereavement Support

Welcome to RAINBOW Bereavement Support. Thank you for visiting. We are a group of parents and professionals working together to provide emotional support and resource information to families and interested individuals and groups who are impacted by pregnancy loss and infant death.

Molly Mills has been a part of Rainbow since the group first formed in 1982. She currently serves as the group Director and meeting co-facilitator. Molly was born, raised and educated in northeastern Ohio. She loves living in Montana, where she and her husband Gary have raised their three surviving children. Molly provides bereavement support trainings from a parent perspective to staff in medical facilities and to interested groups in the surrounding community. She serves on Perinatal Loss Committees at both local hospitals. Rainbow was initially begun, in part, as a tribute to her stillborn son, Forrest, and to her daughter, Anne, who died in infancy. With the full support and encouragement of hospital staff and administration, this program has grown to now serve as an automatic resource at both hospitals in Billings. Our goal has always been to provide support for families, whether in a group setting, or on an individual basis, who are experiencing pregnancy loss or infant death.

Traci Reichenbach is co-facilitator of Rainbow and hosts most meetings throughout the year.  Traci was born and raised in Billings, Mt.  She left Billings briefly to attend college in Powell, Wyoming, but returned to finish her biology/chemistry degree at Rocky Mountain College.  Traci lives in Billings with her husband Ben, also a Billings native, and her 4 living children.  Traci started attending Rainbow weeks after the stillbirth of her second child Brooklyn.  Rainbow became a huge part of her life and a key factor in her healing.  After a few years Traci decided that she wanted to give back to the group that had given her so much so she began facilitating meetings and working alongside Molly helping families and providing trainings to people in Billings and surrounding areas.

RAINBOW offers monthly peer support group meetings for parents, as well as information on special events throughout the year to help support bereaved families. Check out our newest posts for updates on scheduled meetings, events and relevant resources for families.

We can be contacted at rainbowbereavementmt@gmail.com.

RAINBOW has no religious or political affiliation and no membership fees or dues are charged. We are a non-profit organization supported through private grants and individual donations. There is never any cost to families for our services.

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