A New Year…again.

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The start of a new year is a complicated time for families who have experienced infant death or pregnancy loss. It does not feel like a time of renewal or a time to make resolutions. There is often a sense that we have somehow barely survived the holidays as we are forced to endure another year of firsts – of milestones and birthdays, anniversaries and family time not shared with our babies. Whether your loss is recent or has happened in years past, finding ways to proceed through life to the best of your ability and to honor our little ones, remains an important goal.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to renew our focus on healing, especially when our energy is depleted. After the holidays is a perfect time to look for changes that we can make to feel better, to function better, and to ultimately learn to live within our redefined life. Now is a good time to search for ways to make peace within ourselves.

I hope you find opportunities for healing in this upcoming year; whether it is by attending support group meetings, by making time for trusted family members or friends, by reading more for inspiration and courage, by reconnecting with a faith community, by finding quiet time for yourself, or by finding special ways to commemorate your baby. Now is the time to try new things. I hope you find ways to address the sadness, anger and fear.

This year, may you have the necessary strength and courage to move forward in life. May you have patience with yourself and others in the long process of grieving. May you have the ability to reach out and ask for help when it is needed. May you experience healing tears and find comfort in silence. May you find connections with others that will be mutually helpful and supportive. No matter how alone you may feel at this time, may you know that there are others wanting to help. I hope the new year brings you peace.

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