It Truly Takes a Village

It Truly Takes a Village of Love and Support

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I am often reminded that every pregnancy loss and infant death is unique. Each baby has his or her own identity based on our individuality, our histories, our hopes and dreams, where our children fit into our lives, and how we see our own place as parents in our families, our churches, our communities and our world. Rainbow has always sought to honor that uniqueness by offering support options; meetings, one-to-one support, hospital visits, as well as a private Facebook group and website. We seek to bring parents together so we feel less alone, so we can find hope together. We offer companionship in the grieving process. In the times of loneliness and fear, anxiety and tears and ultimately hope in our futures, we will continue to provide resources as we hear about them.

Please feel free to submit resource information as you become aware of additional options for support. (rainbowbereavement@gmail.comI or I am finding there are as many unique, caring, hope-filled options out there, as there are families. In doing some recent research, I found some groups and websites that might be of assistance to bereaved families. The links provided are in addition to the ones that appear on the resource list on this website.

Thank you to everyone who honors and remembers our children, and to everyone who reaches out to others in this process, as well.


Return to Zero  Return to Zero Center for 

Miscarriage Matters 

Grieve Out Loud

Tears Foundation

March of Dimes

Griefwatch (for perinatal loss)

Solace for Mothers (Birth Trauma & Recovery)

RESOLVE through Sharing – for providers


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