A Bereaved Mother’s Love, Support and Remembrance

heart rock

All of us as bereaved parents, hope to find ways to commemorate and remember our babies who have died. For some parents, this means telling our stories to family and friends, donating money to supportive causes, writing books, or doing whatever it takes to heal at the time of the loss, or even years down the road. For some of us, it can mean devoting time and energy to a special group or project that helps us feel like some good can be done in our baby’s name. We at Rainbow are very proud of the efforts made by families to honor our babies. Sometimes this is a very private process, and sometimes it is more public. A group member recently began a project that will benefit bereaved families now and in the future. This thoughtful and beautiful program carries the name of a much-loved daughter, and it will help bring peace and healing to others. Thank you Mindy.


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