Solace in Seeking

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Solace in Seeking

February can feel like the bleakest part of winter, yet it can also sometimes feel like spring is right around the corner. This time of year provides an opportunity to look back and exhale slowly, contemplating where we find ourselves right now. Spring will bring challenges for those of us who have experienced a pregnancy loss or infant death, but we celebrate too, that we have gotten through the sometimes difficult autumn and winter holidays. It feels like this time of year provides an opportunity to renew our faith in healing and gain strength in the process. And shouldn’t Valentine’s Day, this February, serve as a time to honor, remember and love our babies?

I have compiled a list of a few Facebook pages and national websites that are frequented by Rainbow families. Many of us participate in activities associated with these sites. Many of us simply take comfort in knowing support is out there whenever we seek that peace of mind and understanding. Please contact us if you would like to add any additional favorites.

These are not listed in any particular order:

green heart       Carter

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