Finding Hope in the New Year

winter sunrise

The New Year is upon us and with it comes a reminder that we have made it through the previous year. For families who have experienced an infant death or pregnancy loss in 2015, it is with mixed emotions that it can now be said, “my baby died last year.”

I remember feeling astonished that I had physically survived such an unthinkable loss, and sad, too, to be moving forward into a new life without my child. Healing did come, slowly and with lots of false starts. But it took many ‘New Years’ and an abundance of tears to regain focus and hope. It sometimes meant moving slowly, alone and heavy with sorrow. And sometimes it meant finding support from others who had experienced a pregnancy loss or infant death and who understood and survived.

May all Rainbow families, new and long-standing, find that hope and healing, courage and peace, in the sunrises and seasons to come in 2016. To those of you considering reaching out for support and understanding in this upcoming year, please know we care and we are here to help and listen.

Too Soon (Mary Yarnall)

This was a life that had hardly begun

No time to find your place in the Sun

No time to do all you could have done

But we loved you enough for a lifetime

No time to enjoy the world and it’s wealth

No time to take life down off the shelf

No time to sing the songs of yourself

Thou you had enough love for a lifetime

Those who live long endure sadness and tears

But you’ll never suffer the sorrowing years

No betrayal, no anger, no hatred, no fears

Just love – Only love – In your lifetime.

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